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nonmember avatar kalisa

Can we get the link to the catalog? Sounds fun!

nonmember avatar suburbanturmoil

Um. No.

JUST KIDDING! Thanks for the catch. It's linked now. :)

nonmember avatar kalisa

Oh it's excellent! LOVE the "Hogwarts" description - very apt!

nonmember avatar sue

I don't see the problem with JLH's new hairstyle. I think it frames her face well and softens her jaw and chin. Personally I'm bored with the same old long hair and bad extensions seen on so many celebrities.

nonmember avatar suburbanturmoil

Yeah, I hate it. Every time I see it, I hate it. Hate. It. And I think she's beautiful- It's just not the style for her. In my opinion. :D

nonmember avatar regopriff

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nonmember avatar Assultese

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