New Find: Check Etsy for Jewelry First

Etsy, the aggregate site for all things handmade, isn't a new find for me- I've been using it for years. But too often, I overlook it when searching for jewelry and really, it's where I should be going first. Looking for a unique statement necklace? A cuff bracelet? A cocktail ring? Etsy will almost always have what you're looking for, often for a fraction of the price you'd pay at a retail store. And now that you can shop either for vintage or handmade wares on Etsy, the jewelry options are even cooler.

Here are a few of my faves from a recent search...



Pricy but probably worth it. I'm crazy about this handmade $160 Bluebird necklace.


Ditto this lovely yellow statement necklace, $158 on Etsy.

You can find fanciful cocktail rings on Etsy too, like this lovely $18 Victorian rose.



I've been looking for turquoise beads that don't look cheap and this necklace would perfectly fit the bill. $27 on Etsy.


I wrote a few weeks ago that wood, raffia and straw were big accessory materials this Spring. These five vintage bracelets are just $10 on Etsy.

Want in on the nautical trend? You can't go wrong with this simple sterling starfish pendant, just $28 on Etsy.

Of course, it is possible to go overboard with this look. Especially on Etsy.

Looking at this $60 "necklace," my timbers are definitely shivering.

Oh. Hell. No.

Yeah, you'll have to weed through some bombs when searching on Etsy, but the majority of the jewelry offered there is pretty spiffy. One hint for new users- Check feedback before you buy. If a seller has 100% positive feedback from lots of buyers, chances are you'll be pleased with your purchase.

In summary... ETSY: DON'T FORGETSY!



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