New Find: Esprit. It's Ba-ack...

Emmy Rossum was at an Esprit event last week decked out in, you guessed it, Esprit.

It's a brand I really hadn't thought much about since grade school. But Esprit and I actually have a special history- I'll never forget the day in fourth grade when my mom took me shopping and, for the first time in my life, bought me an outfit that didn't include...


a. monogramming
b. wool shorts
c. a button down shirt with a floppy bow tie
d. argyle socks
e. penny loafers

Instead, it was Esprit white capri pants and an Esprit nautical yellow and white-striped shirt. It's an outfit that would work today, come to think of it. Anyway, I remember when I wore it to school the next day, I was, like, the most popular girl on the planet!


Back to Emmy. Doesn't she look great? I looked atthe Esprit site for maybe the first time ever and found the exact same outfit! So cute!


Here's the dress, which is $79.50 and listed under dresses. (One major drawback of the site is that I can't link to individual clothes. Grr.)




And the jacket, available for $99.50. It's listed under outerwear.



Add that pair of neutral pumps I'm sure you've already bought and a pretty white belt if you'd like and you're channeling Emmy, who's one of the most stylish stars in Hollywood!


The Esprit site features casual yet stylish clothing that would be perfect for those of you who want to look cute even when you don't have any reason to get all dressed out. And just about everything is well under a hundred bucks. So give it a look.

Esprit. WHO KNEW?


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