Yay or Nay: "Mature" Hair Colors


Some of fashion'smost avant-garde aficionados are doing it...

Photo: Karl Prouse, Catwalking/Getty Images | Slaven Vlasic, Getty Images

The look was all over the Spring 2010 runways...

...and some of the coolest people I know have been rocking the look for a while now. (Here, Catherine meditates on her haircolor).

Hipster girls have begun dying their hair all shades of gray and white or putting traditional old-lady-color rinses in their hair in various shades of purple.

Here in Nashville, I've yet to see a full head of dyed gray hair on any young ladies, but I am beginning to see fancy gray or white streaks on young stylistas at local hotspots, a la Alexandra Cabot of Josie and the Pussycats.

And I have to admit, I was loving Kristen Chase's new gray streak at Mom 2.0. There's something very girl power sexy about it.

So what do you think? Would you go gray/white/lavender with the help of dyes? Or perhaps consider letting a streak of your hair go gray naturally? What do you think of the trend? On its surface, it seems pretty radical, but really, I think some of these ladies look quite lovely...


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nonmember avatar janross

Some of them look really cute but those of us that are REALLY gray? No way. I like my blonde streaky look and will NEVER go gray!!

nonmember avatar FireMomofStopDr

No. No no no.

My grandmother went prematurely grey at 32 and chose to go that route with her dye jobs instead of trying to dye back at an expensive pace. I've had grey since I was 18 and I can assure you that I do not enjoy my "natural highlights" at all. It's one of my more self-conscious issues.

That said, an aunt of mine recently decided to incorporate her grey and she looks OUTSTANDING. If mine looks decent when I'm her age, I'll consider it. For now, however, no. It's not for me.

nonmember avatar pambrown

My hair is graying naturally. I'm not coloring it while I evaluate it over time. If it gains an Emmy Lou vibe, I'll keep it. If it looks more like Broomhilda, I'm coloring. But I would not have colored my hair gray.

nonmember avatar KT

As someone who actually did start getting gray hair as a preteen, I sort of loved the white streaks in my brown hair--back when I was young enough for it to look interesting, odd. Now that I'm in my forties, though, and it's more plausible, it's not as fun. Also, almost all my hair is white now (or would be, if I didn't color), and I'm too pale for no hair color. I admire those who rock it, though.

nonmember avatar maria0305

I wouldn't dye it no, but I CANNOT WAIT to go naturally gray. Although, I don't think I'll ever get the luxury. My grandmother is in her seventies and doesn't have one strand of gray on her head. Neither does my mom, in her early 40s. :(

nonmember avatar Momof3boys

I found my first gray hair at the age of 20. By the time I hit 30, I was about 25% gray. Fortunately, it was pretty gray and went nicely with my very dark brown hair. Occasionally, I would mention that I was going to color it.....but the MEN I worked with all said "No!" Now at age 43, I am about 50% gray, and when I mention coloring it, my husband says "No!" Hmmmm...there seems to be a pattern here.

My personal opinion: http://chudleyhome.blogspot.com/2010/03/yay-or-nay-to-gray.html

nonmember avatar kittenpie

I like the one bold streak on a head of dark hair, maybe. If only mine were coming in that way instead of a little sprinkling! It can be tough to keep one piece light and the rest dark, though, especially if there is dye involved in the darker parts - trust me, I know. I used to struggle to keep one chunk platinum and the rest bold red.

nonmember avatar CarenC

I'm going to be really honest here... I hate it! One naturally gray streak in the hair isn't terrible but personally, I'd probably still color it. I really dislike coloring the hair that color on purpose. Long live hair color! I am 40 and have a lot of gray I color my roots every three weeks and I plan on doing it that way for many years to come.

nonmember avatar kalisa

I say, any look Stacy London rocks is a definite YAY.

nonmember avatar ShanaOB

I'd love to age gracefully and go gray naturally. Problem is, the "grays" that I sprout are not lovely silken gray hairs. They are crazy gray wires that look plucked from Einstein's eyebrows.

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