Swimsuit Help for the Abdominally Challenged

I've gotten several requests to do a post on flattering swimwear and if it seemed to take me a long time, it's only because I HATE shopping for swimsuits myself. We all have to do it, though, so here's the post.

The good news is that there are more options out there to suck in and camouflage your trouble spots than ever before. The bad news is that you're going to have to spend some cash on them. Yes, ladies, when it comes to swimwear, you get what you pay for.


My favorite site for swimwear? Victoria's Secret. Hands down. The site has TONS of options that range from meek and modest to.... this.

Which, by the way, I'm NOT advocating. In fact, if I saw someone on the beach in this, I'd be tempted to make two phone calls- the first to the health department, the second to the fashion police.


Lands End Canvas also has a nice range of mix and match tops and bottoms and reasonable prices. J. Crew does too, although the prices are a little higher.

That said, if you can flaunt a bikini, you don't need my help. The swimsuits you're about to see are for those of us who want to draw attention away from some common trouble areas, without looking like you bought your suit from Simply Modest Swimwear. Yes, girl, you've still got it. Even at the swimming pool. Here's proof...

Alert! Spanx makes swimwear! What more do you need to know? The price of this cute one-piece (which can be worn with straps or strapless) is $178.

This cute option from J. Crew, hides your tummy without looking like a muu muu, comes in several different colors and includes a halter top ($65) and foldover hipster bottoms ($56).

On a budget? I'm loving this retro dotted one-piece, $34.99 at Target.

This DKNY one-piece is figure-flattering, comes in black and white, and is on sale right now at Victoria's Secret for $72.

Lands End Canvas offers up this beguiling one-piece, which is $59.50 and comes in a few different colors.

Victoria's Secret's Miracle Bra tankini tops ($48.50) give you some oomph up top while helping you cover up those stretch marks- and you can choose your own coordinating bottoms ($28.50), whether you want a string bikini or full coverage boyshorts.

I love the neckline of this Miraclesuit one-piece from Eddie Bauer. The Miraclesuit promise is that you'll look ten pounds lighter in ten seconds- and if that proves to be true, I just might wear this $141 swimsuit 24/7!

This"/Magicsuit" from Victoria's Secret totally intrigues me. The sash around the hips can be worn as pictured, as a sarong, or full-length as a flared little swimdress. This would be perfect at the beach, where you're often going from the water straight to get ice cream or to lunch. It also camouflages the middle and potentially, the upper thighs as well. It's $158, but may be well worth it for its versatility.

This swimsuit is adorable and the price isn't bad, either. $78 from Figleaves.

Need a few more ideas? Here are a few more suits I looked at and loved. Click on the picture for shopping information and prices.

Now you can feel more confident about shopping for swimwear!

Disclosure: I'm a compensated ShopStyle affiliate.

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