Gaultier vs. Liberty of London: An In-Store Showdown

I know you've all been waiting with bated breath for my Gaulter for Target dress to arrive, right? Right? Anyone?

Well, I had. And when it got here, I eagerly tried it on and it was.... cute! I paired it with a cardigan I bought a few weeks ago and it seemed like it was all going to work out just fine. Take a look...


I began imagining luncheons and shopping excursions with friends in my new dress. "Gaultier, darling," I'd say casually, and then watch them turn green with envy. I made a few elegant faces in the mirror for practice, and then I turned sideways. And.... HORRORS.

Somehow in the last five minutes, I had become four months pregnant.

Yes, the problem I had been warned about regarding this dress really was a problem. It looked great up top, but just below the belt there was a weird, ill-fitting poof that jutted out from the front and the back of the dress, giving me curves in the places I definitely did not need curves. I looked like I had a cartoon character's body. That's not really what I want people to remember about me, you know?

I took the dress back to the Nashville West Target last night- and lo and behold! There were racks of Gaultier goods still on the shelves (including this dress in every size)! I got to try on nearly everything I'd been eyeing online, and yes! Most of it sucked! And what didn't suck was 60 DOLLARS, which... NO. Not at Tar-zhay. No.

However, I did love this nautical top that had sold out online in minutes (the way that anchor is constructed in the center is amazing), and I totally bought it for $19.99. It is cool. I plan to rock it.

Best of all, though, last night I got to see the Liberty of London line in person and it is FABULOUS. Waaaaay better than Gaultier, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that just about everything was still available at the store in every size. I had, um, cough, gotten up at 3am and ordered everything I wanted online, cough, but I was able to try on some of the things I'd ordered and make sure they'd fit, which made me very happy.

My two top picks by far... These dresses, which are sold out online so you'll have to check your local store. Soon. These dresses were almost gone by Sunday night.

While the zippers on these dresses are questionable (and that seems to be true for all of Target's merchandise)- the fabric is great, the prints are gorgeous, they are double lined and incredibly flattering and I can't WAIT to wear them.

And if you have a little girl, get thee to thy nearest Target NOW (or go online- all Liberty girls clothing is still in stock!). The girls' clothes are squeeful and look like boutique dresses and skirts, at a fraction of the price. Punky is going to be decked out in Liberty this summer and I can't wait!

Um, back to whatever it was you were doing now. And thank you for your kind attention.

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