Gaultier for Target: The Reviews are In

As I wrote last week, the Gaultier line for Target debuted at select Target stores (but not that select- It's available in three Targets here in Nashville alone) on Sunday. I was sick that day and didn't make it to my closest "select" Target- but I did get online and was totally entertained by the reviews that had already started pouring in from fashionistas who'd hit up their local Target for some Gaultier goods.

And the consensus is....


Not good.

Complaints about cheap fabric and bad fit abounded. Not all of them were bad, of course, but I certainly wasn't seeing many raves. Here are a few of the more entertaining reviews.

The styling of the neckline and sleeves is cool, but I just can't imagine wanting to wear sticky, plastic-y nylon next to my skin on a warm day, and it is much too thin to wear without a zillion layers on a cool day. Maybe with a cotton slip underneath this would be a winner. Why, Jean Paul, why?

Way too Studio 54 for anyone's real life, and we go out a LOT, but I feel like it would not be useful except in the clubbiest clubs around. I would feel ridiculous in this, and actually feel like it would elicit snickers from strangers. Really. It's too over-the-top-hoochie-mama. Back it goes.

I can't imagine where/when I'd want to wear this--it seems really tarty/juvenile. And I'm positive I have Barbie clothes from the 70s made out of this fabric.

This is the most ugliest dress I have ever tried on. It swished as I walked-very noisy, very cheap raincoat material, I would sweat in this synethic material in summertime. How would iron out the wrinkles from plastic. I dont see the vision.

I just can't wear a dress thats made out of a cheap rain slicker that was actually loud when you moved in it. I was afaid that if I stood too close to anything with any kind of heat that it may actually melt!

And I loved this woman who tried to stand up for Jean Paul.

I applaud this collection. It is very true to his style while being affordable to us. So as for the material of this dress, it's pretty cool. I like it because I'd NEVER expect such a feminine print and design to be paired with such utilitarian material. But that's Gaultier and I LOVE IT. Who's to say that nylon dresses aren't the cutting edge of fashion for 2010? He's the fashion guru, not me. And since I haven't been to NY, Paris or Milan Fashion Weeks, I'm glad to have just a little taste of his work.

Despite the reviews, I still really wanted the tattoo leggings, but they were totally sold out by mid-afternoon on Sunday. Boo. Instead, I ordered this dress- and based on the feedback, I'm already having some buyer's remorse.

At least I can take it back if it doesn't work out...

Bad fit and cheap fabric reminds me a lot of the Rodarte for Target line. But Rodarte sold out online the day it came out. I'm sure the Gaultier line will sell out, too- which leaves me wondering if Target even cares that so many people hate these clothes. If the line gets a lot of attention, if people flock to Target the day it comes out to snatch up what they can (as many of the reviews suggested) and if every piece that's made for it sells, what does it matter if people don't like it?

What do you think? Have you bought any Gaultier for Target pieces? Will you?

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