Hot Trend: Cardigans!

Light posting today, everyone. The sun was out and I decided to spend the day outside with my son. But here's a little something to enjoy as you head into the weekend.

Cardigans are probably the one must-have item for Spring. They flatter any figure, they can be dressed up or down, and worn in a myriad of ways.


I personally would avoid the ruffled cardigans this Spring unless you can find a really nice price. They will look dated next year. Instead, I'd suggest buying ruffled shells to wear underneath since that's a more classic style that will last more than one season.

That said, here are a few of my favorite cardigan options.

For my money, Talbot's Charming Cardigan is my favorite. It's reasonable at $59.50, it's Talbot's quality, which means that I expect it to last, it comes in 21 (!) different colors, and most of the colors have coordinating/contrasting shells or less expensive tanks (and there are several different options for both, so do a search on the site for the color of your choice to find them).

I really want a turquoise cardigan for spring, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on it since it's such a color of the moment. Lands End Canvas offers a perfect option for $39.50 and it also comes in several other colors. I have high hopes for this line since I've been so pleased with the quality of Lands End clothes for years.

This $29.50 short-sleeved option from Victoria's Secret intrigues me because I have to face facts- I'm not going to be able to wear long-sleeved Spring clothing for very long. It just gets too hot around here. A short sleeved cardi would take me right into summer. This one comes in several colors-of-the-season, including coral and hot pink.

J. Crew always has lovely cardigans and my favorite for Spring, The Jackie, is actually a decent price at $62. It comes in lots of trendy colors.
UPDATE: For the next three days only (Friday-Sunday), this cardigan is on sale for $49.60! YAY.)

Finally, if you're really low on cash, Kohl's has a lovely cardigan for just $19.99. It also comes in turquoise. Rethinking my Lands End Canvas plans now...

For cool ideas on how to wear your cardigan, check out these looks from J. Crew's February catalog if you haven't already.

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