Help Desk: Crop Pants. Yay or Nay?

Regular She's Still Got It reader Julia has a question:

What is your take on crop pants? I have made the official declaration that I don't like them. I'm not sure anyone really looks good in them. They give the appearance of stumpy legs, and sqaure butts. Thoughts?


Julia, you make an excellent point. Unless you're a skinny Minnie and have legs a mile long, crop pants tend to make women look short and stumpy.


There's a new breed of crop pants out this season that I'm loving right now-


Here are a few examples...

Bebe carries my favorite length in this look. These $98 skinny capris would be so cute for Spring/Summer- and TOTALLY cover the cellulite.

Macy's has a great pair of skinny crop pants for just $59.50. These also come in black.

Over at J.Crew, there's the minnie, a slim-fitting stretch pant that comes in all the basic colors as well as denim and costs $89.50-$98. These pants would be perfect for work.

Max Studio has a great deal right now on these Jackie O pants, just $48 on sale.

And speaking of great deals, Arden B has these fantastic skinny crop jeans in black for just $49. WANT.

Did I get a little carried away? Sorry. I'd like to buy skinny crop pants for Spring in black, khaki and denim, so you just helped me narrow down my choices, Julia!

And here's a tip to help with the crop pants you already own- If your legs look stumpy in them, try rolling up the cuffs a time or two. Not only is that the hot look this upcoming season, but I've found that playing with the length of my pants has made a WORLD of difference with certain pairs I own. Roll them up and down until you find the length that works for your figure.

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