Help Desk: Which Sunglasses Should Nancy Wear?

Meet Nancy.

This is Nancy's current pair of sunglasses. She writes:


I went from wearing smallish sized RayBan sunglasses for a few years to buying a larger pair (also RayBan they're prescription) and I can't wear them!! I don't know whether I'm so used to looking at myself (yes, a problem of mine) with the smaller frames or what, but I've cast aside my $300 sunglasses (frames + bifocal lenses, don't ask...) for my old lesser strong pair.

So now, I'm imagining an enormous pair of bug-eyed sunglasses, making sweet little Nancy look more like The Fly.

Here are Nancy's new sunglasses that she can't wear:

Oh, Nancy.

Nancy, your new sunglasses aren't much bigger than your old ones! In fact, I like them a little bit better on your face, although the old ones certainly look great too- There's not a huge amount of difference.

But aren't we all like this about something? We can't see the sunglasses in our own eyes because we're too busy looking at the sunglasses in another's. Or something like that. Reversed.

Anyway, Nancy wants to know which sunglasses you prefer. The new or the old? And are the new too big for her face? I think they're perfect. I feel bad that she wasn't wearing them and I hope she'll START RIGHT NOW.

Also, here's a nice little post from Yahoo! Shine on choosing frames that will suit the shape of your face. Nancy, you have an oval face, so according to the experts, you can pretty much get away with wearing any sunglasses you want!

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