I Love...


...Gabrielle Blair's effortless maternity style. She looked spectacular at Mom 2.0 last weekend and recently wrote a post on her five favorite maternity outfits that even the non-pregnant fashionista will enjoy perusing. I only wish I'd had her whimsical (and remarkably inexpensive!) fashion sense when I was expecting.




...This 1960s vintage leopard coat, which can be worn belted or free. Give me a glass of wine and I could easily pull the trigger on this one.



...the way Kate Beckinsale always manages to look spectacular, even with the most unlikely clothing and accessory combinations. I would never have put brown platforms with this outfit- yet they work. Lord help me, THEY WORK.

...Lilly bedding.

Lena sent me the link to Garnet Hill's Lilly Pulitzer Home collection and it's scrumptious. I'd dearly love to turn my bedroom over to Lilly's signature turquoise and pink this Spring, but I'm pretty sure my husband would kill me.

...and those are a few things I'm loving right now.

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