Help Desk: How Old is Too Old for Long Hair?

Meet Shana.


Shana wants to know: "What is the expiration date on long hair? I am 44, and my hair is LONG. How old is too old to be sporting that look?"



My thoughts? There was a time when long hair was frowned upon on women of a certain age, but thanks to Hollywood, as long as your hair is well groomed, well-conditioned, and has some volume and oomph, I say go for it. I wouldn't let it get too long past shoulder length, but that goes for just about everyone (myself included- I am the queen of going waaaaay too long between cuts.) 

Other long-haired ladies in their 40s and beyond...

Demi Moore is 47.


Michelle Pfeiffer is 51.

Sarah Jessica Parker will be 45 next month.


These women look far younger than their years and while plastic surgery may or may not have something to do with it, the long hair definitely plays a role in their youthfulness.


That said, Shana, I think you'd look nice going a couple of inches shorter, too, if you wanted to try something new without getting too drastic. Michelle Pfeiffer's hairstyle would look great on you.

What do you think, readers? Is there an expiration date on long hair?



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