Cheeseburgher Party '10: The Mom 2.0 Edition


Surely by now, you've heard of the legendary Cheeseburgher Party.


Started back in 2007 when a few of my friends gathered with a couple of bags of McDonalds burgers in a BlogHer hotel room (you can read the full history here), it has now grown into...





No, you're not seeing things. That's me, Yvonne, Lena, and Isabel, starring in OUR VERY OWN MCDONALDS AD.

I'm lovin' it.

Co-hosting this latest Cheeseburgher Party was how I ended up in Houston over the weekend for the Mom 2.0 Summit. With McDonalds' help, we rented out the Four Season's swankiest suite, ordered up a bunch of McDonalds delicacies and a heaping helping of wine, and had ourselves a party, y'all! And this year, we had something new...



The McSnuggie.

McDonalds provided us with McSnuggies (paired with $25 Arch Cards) to give away, and as you can tell, they were a HUGE hit. Everyone wanted to be seen wearing one, from Kristen Chase, above... Loralee Choate...
 me. Well, you knew I'd be a fan!


Just as in the Cheeseburgher days of yore, bag hats abounded.




Hundreds of hilarious photos were taken... (That's Julie Marsh holding up a photo of Christine Koh.)




Various beautiful people made merry (like Susan Wagner and Laurie Smithwick, for example).




Dozens of Mac Snack Wraps were consumed...



Important discussions on world peace took place... (This one was between Jessica Ashley and Danielle Wiley.)




Apple Dippers were munched upon...



(Source: Mainline Mom)


Cheeseburgers were thoughtfully nibbled (by Maggie Mason, among others)...



(Source: Mainline Mom)


Health care was reformed (Catherine Connors and Laura Mayes confab on the specifics)...



(Source: Mom2Summit)

And an amazing time was had by all! (Here's co-hostess Isabel Kallman in her signature Cheeseburgher pose.)

Thanks McDonalds! Let's do it again at BlogHer!

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