Mom 2.0: The Mad Men Party

I was thrilled to get another opportunity to head to the Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston this past weekend, one of my all-time favorite events of the year. When I learned that the whole thing was going to kick off with a Mad Men-themed party on Thursday night, I was literally beside myself; Mad Men is my absolute favorite show on television, and if I'm honest, I have to admit that a good third of my closet is at least slightly Mad Men inspired.

That said, there was one dress in my closet that I'd bought last year, specifically because it was so Mad Men, I couldn't stand it. The dress was a little too snug back then, but I was determined to lose the weight and wear the dress... some day.


That day came Thursday night.


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Yvonne took this picture as we were getting ready. I thought she had a total sexy secretary look going on. As for me, well I'm now convinced I was supposed to have lived in the 60s.


While everyone at the party looked spectacular, here were a few of my favorite outfits...


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Here are two pretty girls working at the conference whose names I've forgotten. They looked especially good when standing together, because those two colors contrast so nicely!




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Anyone who knows Maggie Mason could guess she was going to nail the Mad Men look- and she did.




(Source: Mainline Mom)
Julie Marsh put on her mother's hat for the party, as well as a dress she wore during sorority rush! That's the always classic Susan Wagner standing beside her.




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The ladies of the Clever Girls Collective looked fab and I especially loved Cat's coat.



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Catherine Connors could have been a dinner guest at the Drapers' house.



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My new fashion BFF Christine Koh looked fantastic every single time I saw her. I took a bunch of pictures of her, but sadly most of them were accidentally erased. *crying*



Source: The Bloggess
Design Mom Gabrielle Blair wore my favorite dress of the evening. Is this not amazing?


If you're thinking of having a party, might I suggest the Mad Men theme? It was a really fun idea!


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