Hot Trend: Cobalt Blue

Blue is THE color of Spring 2010, according to the experts, and one variation on the blue theme is an electrified shade known as cobalt.

It's not a bad color when done right...



But I'm thinking here, Liv Tyler gets it all wrong. The cardigan and dress are fine. The tights? Only a cookie monster could love them.




A cobalt blue bag, on the other hand, is a very nice touch for spring.


Leighton Meester carries a similar bag here. Not loving the hat, but it is interesting how she's tied several shades of blue together.


This cobalt blue belt is the key element in modernizing the look and keeping the floral dress from being too "precious."



Cobalt blue boots? Yikes. Maybe not.



But the color can definitely make you a standout at a formal event.



And there you have it. Cobalt blue, for everyone!


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