Help Desk: What Kinds of Sunglasses are In?

Allow me to introduce Amy.


Here we are in high school, right before a performance of Kiss Me Kate. I'll give you a moment to finish laughing at my hair.




Okay. Done?

Anyway. Amy's one of those old schoolmates I reconnected with on Facebook. Through that, she found this blog and has since become a brand new fashion friend. We've bonded online over everything from (NOT!) wearing pajamas in public to discount jackets to fighting off newbies at the gym.


I love Facebook.

Amy's latest Facebook query was so good, I decided to turn it into a post. Hope you don't mind, Amy, but this is a question I was asking a month or so ago, too, and I bet a lot of women out there would like to know the answer...

Whether you wanted this role or not, you are now officially my fashion guru. Help, please: are the sunglasses with the big plastic frames going to stay awhile longer?I lost mine and need new ones, and I don't want to look like the girl who's reading last year's InStyle.


OMG, I can totally help.

First of all, yes, big sunglasses are in and the current hot color is white. Witness the newly-engaged Hillary Duff....

But you can also go with traditional-sized sunglasses, like Michelle Williams, and I'm also still seeing plenty of aviators out there.



However, if you really want to be cutting edge?



You want oversized square or rectangle frames, like the ones Victoria Beckham has on. Fortunately, they're very easy to find. Here are a few cute options...




This Kensie sunglasses are probably my favorite option since it's both square and white and it has a freaking cool stem. Best of all, they're just $50 at Nordstrom. These also come in black and tortoise.



And check out this pair, $29.50 at Express.



The 15 Dollar Store also has some cute sunglasses from Chinese Laundry and XOXO, all for, you guessed it, $15! And Charlotte Russe has several very stylish options for around $5.50.


Now you can buy your sunglasses with confidence!

EDIT: Here's what Amy chose!


She said: "The chosen pair: D&G, $165. Sunglass Hut guy was determined to sell me the $385 Bulgaris; sorry, dude."




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