This Valentine's Day, Give the Gift of MAN FUR

Here at She's Still Got It, we spend a lot of time talking- and thinking- about ourselves. But with Valentine's Day coming up, it's time to turn our attention to the men in our lives and show them how much we really care. If you ask me, there's no better to do it than by gifting him with...

Man Fur.


Oh don't act so surprised. I told you weeks ago that man fur is hot right now. In the same way that every man secretly wants to go to a salon where he can be pampered by hot chicks in referee uniforms, so does he harbor a simmering desire to luxuriate in the warmth of an animal pelt.

Fortunately for our Coach wallets, there's a man fur for every budget. Here are a few ideas...


Let your man take center stage on V Day by gifting him with this white mink ganster hat, just $289.95!



For the more casual male, how about a fabulous mink baseball cap? He'll be the talk of every sporting event he attends in this $299.95 topper!



Does your guy love attention? He'll get it in this Silver Fox Russian Hat, on sale for just $399.95!



Perhaps you're feeling extravagant. Help your favorite dude stay cozy and warm during Snowpocalypse with a Full Length Double Breasted Fox Fur Coat, just $3,359.30!


Have a Braggy McBraggerson on your hands? Present him with this bargain-priced, $699.30 Coyote Pelt Bomber Jacket, and let him tell his friends he killed the critter himself!



And if they still need convincing, no problem! He can wear his $289.95 Coyote Pelt hat to prove it!



Follow my advice and your man will be an animal this Valentine's Day! Or at the very least, he'll be wearing one!


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