Shoe Addiction, Anyone?


Exhibit A.


The Great Ten Dollar Ballerina Flat Sale at Charlotte Russe (which is now, sadly, over) sparked major excitement among you all, and kept me very entertained yesterday reading your Tweets and e-mails about it.


Here's a small sampling from Twitter:


@suburbanturmoil: Every kind of ballerina flat you can think of for just TEN DOLLARS a pair? Hellz yeah!



  thank you to @SuburbanTurmoil, as I am now going to purchase my entire spring/summer wardrobe of flats in one fell swoop! :-D


@txmomof2:  @SuburbanTurmoil Thanks for the tip! I shopped till I dropped during this sale, well virtually at least!

@bostonmamas:  @SuburbanTurmoil Dude, you're such an influencer. I bought 5 pairs today b/c of your post - mercy!

@marriagestudio:Pop Quiz: How bad is it to hide your online shopping from your spouse? (@suburbanturmoil's style blog will be the death of my marriage)

@firemomma35: @SuburbanTurmoil can I blame you when 8 (on pair was out of stock when I hit confirm) pairs of shoes arrive? sad but true. Hoping hubby won't notice.

@firemomma35 You saw my 5 pairs and raised 3. I am impressed. Also, @SuburbanTurmoil's fashion blog is running me into the poorhouse.

I felt pretty extravagant buying three pairs... at least until @bostonmamas beat me with five and then @firemomma35 upped the ante with EIGHT. EIGHT pairs of ballerina flats! Wow!


In her defense, she can only wear flats and none of her pre-pregnancy shoes fit anymore. But all I can say is I HOPE THEY FIT.

Who else scored on this sale? Did anyone outbuy @firemomma35? Personally, I can't wait to get my new shoes, and I'm feeling pretty good about them. Inexpensive ballerina flats are a lot harder to find than you'd think. Trust me, I've looked!


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