What I Wore: Superbowl Party


I wore this to a Superbowl party last night at the home of some friends from New Orleans. We had a blast and I'm so glad I remembered I had a boxful of Mardi Gras beads in our attic moments before we left for the party! The kids and I were definitely ready for a Saints win!



And on this note, what do you think of starting a Flickr group for this blog? You could add photos of yourself in outfits you love or post photos of options for a big event and get our advice, or post something you bought for a great price or the results of a fabulous trip to your hairstylist or any other fashion and beauty-related photos that you took yourself. I'll turn some of them into posts on this blog. I love the idea of letting readers help you all choose what to wear.



Is anyone interested in a She's Still Got It Flickr group? Or will I be all alone there, posting pictures of myself like a self-absorbed nut?

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