What to Wear? Blissdom Cocktail Party

So! I'm going to the Blissdom cocktail party here in Nashville in a few hours and I need! Your! Help! Although I've narrowed it down to black or black/white, I can't decide what to wear- so let's put it to a vote...


Should I go for the classy LBD and Tarzhay statement necklace? (This is what I'm leaning toward.)




Should I opt for a more casual black and white look?




Or should I go for fun and fancy free? (Yes, that's me simulating "fun" in my bathroom. Don't worry, I do it all the time.) P.S. I'm wearing a knit miniskirt underneath this tunic/minidress. I don't want everyone else to have fun laughing at my visible Spanx! Not that I wear Spanx! But if I did... I'm just sayin'....


P.S. Ignore the hair. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. I'd like to do the curly thing, but I happen to know Opryland Hotel is basically a big, humid greenhouse, so I may wear it up.

Give me your vote in the comments!


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