Style Inspiration: All the Pretty Birds

I recently discovered a blog called All the Pretty Birds, a record of the photographs Tamu McPherson takes of fashionistas on the streets of Paris, Milan, and anywhere else she happens to be.

It's a great way to see what the world's most stylish women are wearing on a daily basis and it's given me lots of ideas. Plus, Tamu couldn't be nicer- When I wrote to ask permission to use a photo from her blog, she wrote right back and said she was a mom, too, and knew how hard it could be to stay stylish once kids enter the picture.


Check out All the Pretty Birds and see if you don't become as addicted as I am!

And now, here's the photo I wanted to share with you.

Tamu took this photo in Paris during last week's fashion shows. I loved this look because it's such a fantastic blend of classic and of-the-moment- and also because it's very easy to copy! (Oh, and psssst! She's wearing a side braid!) Take a look at these examples...


A fitted coat like this $89.99 one from Macy's (use the code WEARRED this Wednesday through Sunday to make this coat $71.99!) will always leave you looking sophisticated and stylish.



For those who aren't opposed to fur, this $28 rabbit fur ladder scarf from Loris can take almost any coat from ordinary to luxe.




The woman in Tamu's picture is wearing a romper, but I've never been a big fan of that trend. Alternatively, you could wear a dress with a pretty ruffle front, like this one, $50.99 from ASOS.


Or, if you're feeling edgy, go with a ruffled black top like this one, $45 from Banana Republic--



Or this long sleeved Ralph Lauren version on a chillier day- $97.30 from Bloomingdale's--



--And pair it with tailored black shorts and opaque or patterned tights. These shorts are $68 from Armani Exchange. Wearing shorts with tights is borderline for me- I'd only recommend it if you have great legs and if you are wearing some kind of jacket/blazer/coat over the look. And for heaven's sake, don't follow the latest trend of wearing daisy dukes with tights. We'll cover that horror in a future post.




These pretty patterned tights are $17 at Banana Republic. And I found loads of black patterned tights the last time I was at TJ Maxx, all for under $7.




Finish off the look with a hip pair of slouch booties. These are $89.95 from Chinese Laundry



And now you can hold your own on the streets of Paris.


Disclosure: I'm a compensated affiliate of ShopStyle, my fashion search engine of choice.


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