Hair You Can Have: The Side Braid

So many hair trends are completely unrealistic for the average woman- We just don't have the time/money/stylist it takes to pull the look off. But here's a hot, hot look for Spring that anyone with medium to long hair can do- the side braid.

Side braids were all over the runways for the Spring 2010 fashion shows, and during last week's fashion events in Paris, many of the hautest women in town were sporting side braids on the streets. I'm also starting to see them on the starlets at Hollywood premieres.


Personally, I love this look. It's cheap and ridiculously easy. It's more sophisticated than common down-the-back braid and it's not too girly for a 30-something woman, like two braids might be. It's a perfect way to cover up a bad hair day. Best of all, it looks equally at home on the runway and the youth soccer field.


To get your own, flip your head over first and run your fingers through your hair for some volume. Toss your hair over one shoulder and loosely braid it. Put a band on it. Pull out a few strands around your face for a casual feel. And you're done! And you're supremely stylish!

Go you!

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