Hot Trend: Rock the Lingerie Look Without Looking Like a Total Slut

By now, you're seeing it all over the place- lingerie inspired daywear. This is a trend doomed to go awry with most amateur fashionistas, but rest assured you can pull it off and still look ladylike and sophisticated. Just don't do this... loved this Parisian's lingerie-inspired look, but I'm thinking she gives new meaning to the term 'streetwalker.'

My tip? Avoid anything that's overtly lingerie-like, i.e., corsets, bras and merry widows. Don't choose lingerie-inspired clothing that's too tight or shows too much skin. Stay away from cheap-looking lace- You know what I'm talking about. And know before you go out looking that most of what you find is going to be inappropriate and/or tacky- I discovered this fact after spending the last hour sifting through hundreds of options out there to find a handful of lingerie-inspired items that were appropriate.



And here they are!


I'm loving this Suzy Chin dress. It's so elegant and on sale for just $62.90.



For a more casual look, this dress from Macys is just $69.99 and I absolutely adore it. You really need to enlarge the picture at the site to see its wonderful detail. It is so original- People will swear you either picked it up at a vintage shop or a high-end boutique.



The easiest way to give a classy nod to the lingerie look is with a lace-detail camisole, worn underneath a jacket or cardigan. I like this $34.50 White House/Black market cami, available in black and white.



This top is a little high at $79, but look at an enlarged picture of it on the site and you'll see why- It's absolutely gorgeous and could be worn alone on a date night or underneath a jacket by day.



This fantastic top from Charlotte Russe is just $22.99 and has a vintage look that's casual enough to wear with jeans.



Admit it. This skirt is hot and I actually bought it a couple of weeks ago. I'll pair it with a fitted, black 3/4-sleeve black cardigan- and I'm only going to wear it on date nights. It's only $28.00 at Forever 21.


I'm equally in love with this more modest skirt, $29.80 at Forever 21.


Then there's this take on the look, also very pretty and just $19.80.


Then there's this lovely and innocent-looking antique lace mini-dress from Forever 21 for $34.80. This would be so cute for Spring, as a dress or a tunic. Click on the picture to see shots of this dress on the model- It really is gorgeous and this particular picture doesn't do it justice.



If you're super short on cash, consider buying a pair of lace patterned tights, like these, $8 from Bare Necessities. I bought several pairs of gorgeous Givenchy lace tights about six weeks ago from TJ Maxx- all were under $6. Just don't wear them grocery shopping!


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