My Super Sweet Suave Party, Part Five

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If you're just joining us, last weekend, Suave sponsored a party here at my house for bloggers and friends to get their hair done by a couple of stylists-to-the-stars from Trim here in Nashville. All week long, I've featured before and after pics of my guests, along with the styling tips they loved the most. Today, I present to you.....




Okay, so her name is really Amanda, but she writes the most hilarious blog called Blabbermouse and she's also the humor writer- and blogger- for Her Nashville Magazine. Amanda should be a world famous blogger- she is that funny- and her tweets are hilarious as well, so be sure and read her blog and follow her on Twitter. She cracks me up on a regular basis. Anyhoo. Amanda was one of my favorite makeovers at the party because she has a chin length bob- a haircut you might think would limit you in terms of your styling options.


Think again.


Check out what stylist Gabrael was able to do with Amanda's hair!! It seriously looked like it was long when she arranged the pieces in this totally hip messy updo- I loved it and thought for the umpteenth time how much I love Amanda's cut. Check out this post I wrote last month for this blog if you don't believe how versatile hair her length can be.


Amanda also wrote her own take on getting her hair done at the Suave party- You can read it (and watch her video) here.


And finally, we have... me. Here I am in a before pic that doesn't show much, but just imagine stick-straight hair.



And here is my after pic- glamorous, 40s film star curls. Stylist Gabrael sprayed a little Suave Professionals hairspray on my hair and then used a 1-inch barrel curling iron to put waves in it. She curled my hair in a way I'd never tried before, and I knew that the only way to show you all how to do it yourselves was to video it. So here now, just because I love you, is my very first She's Still Got It tutorial... And if you're not impressed, just know that I learned how to edit video on my computer for this!!!! And it took for-EV-ah! Okay, here you go...



After shooting the video, I styled my hair a little bit and then took a picture of the finished product- Here's my version of my stylist's waves, a look I'll be sporting now on a semi-regular basis....



I. LOVE. It.



Auditioning for The Tudors. Heh.


So there you have it. My Super Sweet Suave Party. Obviously, I had a great time throwing it and recapping the results all week long. I hope you all got something out of it, too! Thanks again, Suave!

Disclosure: Suave paid for this party and provided gift bags for all the guests, but I received no other compensation. Unless you count the memories. Are those taxable?


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