Horrors: The Man Scarf

While dining at local hotspot Whiskey Kitchen last night, I saw something horrifying. And then I saw it again. And that's when I realized with cold fear in my heart that what should have never left German discotheques and the pages of men's magazines had gone mainstream.


And I don't mean the kind of scarf a man might wear when it's cold outside. I mean the gaudy, fringed, decorative version- the kind of scarf our own mothers wore back in the mid-eighties.


I mean this kind of man scarf.




Here's a tip, guys: just because it's on sale at Urban Outfitters doesn't make it right.



I'm pretty sure my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Bailey, had this exact same scarf.




Now try to imagine your husband or boyfriend in this. Can you?

Would you buy a man scarf for the man in your life? I asked my own husband if he'd wear one to work as a fashion dare. You can probably guess his answer.


Expect to see the man scarf at a trendy bar near you, if you haven't already.

Man scarves. Sheesh. What's next? Man fur?

Um. Yes.



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nonmember avatar abibyrd

NO NO NO NO NO on so many levels...NO!

nonmember avatar suburbanturmoil

Oh, I hate that you're so undecided about this one. LOL

nonmember avatar rhonda

I live in the Deep South. I seriously, seriously doubt I will see a man scarf anytime soon. (for once, being redneck isn't all bad)

nonmember avatar suburbanturmoil

Don't be so sure. If it happened in Nashville (TWICE in the space of 30 minutes!!) IT CAN HAPPEN ANYWHERE.

nonmember avatar rhonda

Possible, (I forgot you were in Nashville)...but you have to remember you have the whole "music"/artist scene going on. I live in the DEEP south- you know, the south where men have the tell-tale circle rings in thier back pockets and thier fashion accessory consists of whether to wear the green or the black John Deere hat. ;)

nonmember avatar Krissy

Well, it IS very European looking. I often like the European influence on men's styles here in the US. But I'm just no liking this trend for my husband and he will firmly agree.

nonmember avatar mandyhornbuckle

Oh sweet goodness, no. But not as bad as Mantyhose. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/28527841/

nonmember avatar mandyhornbuckle

Also, why is Nick Lachey wearing the scarf? ;-)

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