Saddle Shoes: Will You or Won't You?

An emerging trend for Spring, according to New York Magazine's fashion site, is the return of the saddle shoe. Yes, you read that right.

The saddle shoe.


I think I'll be skipping this one; the last time saddle shoes were desirable, I was a high school cheerleader and we still had one throwback uniform that consisted of a plaid wool skirt, a yellow Polo button-down oxford, and yes, saddle shoes. Geez, I loved that uniform. But that's beside the point.

Nowadays, I'm hard pressed to think of any thirty-something woman who could successfully pull off the saddle shoe. Maybe Nie Nie. But that's about it. And for that matter, I think I'll be giggling when I see the 19-year-old Urban Outfitter trendistas about town rocking their own saddle shoes. I mean, what's next for the fashion forward crowd? Poodle skirts?

I'm curious to know your opinion about this look. Will you wear saddle shoes or won't you?


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