My Super Sweet Suave Party, Part Three

Be sure and check out Part 1 and Part 2 of My Super Suave Party to see even more bloggers' transformations!

To recap... Suave sponsored a party at my house for a bunch of girlfriends to get their hair did and learn about some of Suave's newest products. Two stylists from Trim were on hand to give us hair makeovers and show us how we could achieve the look on our own. Today, I give you....


Jessica Turner, author of the blog, The Mom Creative! She arrived with a really cute haircut and here she is with her hair in its natural state.

And here she is after the Ellen the stylist did her magic. Says Jessica: "My stylist did a great showing me how to control the hair dryer and round brush to create a soft look around my face that shows off my layers. I loved how my hair turned out!"

Basically, what I'm learning for those of you with short hair is that blow drying it with a large round brush is key for volume and shape. You may not have known it, but Suave has a great volumizing spray that you can spritz on damp hair with to give you a boost when you blow dry. I received a bottle of it at BlogHer last summer and now I use it all the time!

Next up, we have my friend Shelley, who just might be the hardest working- and most hilarious- woman in all of Nashville. Shelley's before picture cracks me up because when I told her I was going to take it, she said, "Oh, I hate taking pictures!" and then proceeded to make a face I've never seen her make before or since...


This woman is clearly ready for some hairapy!



And here's Shelley after! Shelley was by far the most excited about her new 'do, and even made an appointment with Ellen afterward. Shelley says her hair has gotten damaged over the years and she was thrilled that Ellen was able to work her magic on it and add so much volume. Shelley's favorite styling secret was that Ellen used a flat iron to smooth her hair and curl the ends under. Have you tried using your flat iron to curl the ends? Do it some time- It really works!



If you have hair like Shelley's, I'd recommend Suave Professionals Sleek Anti-Frizz Cream, which smooths your hair and helps keep it from looking dry and brittle. I especially like rubbing it into the ends of my hair to keep them from looking dry and broken.


Check back tomorrow as two more bloggers undergo a hair-raising transformation! Heh.

Disclosure: Suave paid for this party and provided gift bags for all attendants.Thanks, Suave! We all had a fabulous time!


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