My Super Sweet Suave Party, Part One

Last summer at the BlogHer conference, I was contacted by Suave and asked if I'd like to set up a hair appointment that weekend with celebrity stylist Luke O'Connor (who does Kate Walsh and Debra Messing's hair, among others). I was all HECK YEAH. In fact, I set up appointments for all four CheeseburgHer Party hostesses on the afternoon before our big soiree, and getting our hair done together was one of the most fun parts of the entire weekend.


I'm telling you this now because last month, Suave contacted me again and asked if I'd like to host a party of my own and invite nine friends to have their hair did by the stylist of my choice. Once again, I was all HECK YEAH!! I scored two stylists from Trim (Ellen and Gabrael), which is where all the celebs in town get their hair done, ordered food from everyone's favorite lunch spot, the Puffy Muffin, and had myself a party, y'all! And you get to see the results of all my guests' styling sessions! I'll be featuring two ladies every day this week.

So let's get started!


Most of you know who this lady is- Angie Smith from Bring the Rain. She is blessed with Great Hair and she looked fantastic already. But look what happened when the stylists got hold of her!




Miss Sweet Stuff went TOTALLY WILD.




Here's the final result- Angie's shoulder-length hair was curled in gorgeous spirals and she instantly looked... well... like she'd just stepped out of a salon.


A few tips on getting this look- The stylist sprayed a little Suave Professionals Shaping and Finishing Spray on Angie's clean dry hair before she did anything else, just to give it some texture and make it hold the curl. That is something I'd never thought to do before, and it totally worked! She used a curling iron for the curls, clamping Angie's hair a few inches from her head and then twisting the ends around the curling iron shaft. I'm going to make a video later this week and show you the exact technique, because it will give you celebrity-style waves you could never get before!


Next, we have Kelly Hancock from Faithful Provisions. This is Kelly's before picture- Already, her hair looks perfect, but Kelly was going out on a date night that night and wanted something a little more sophisticated.


What she got was an ultra-hip "messy updo," which is what all the stars on the red carpet are sporting this season. The stylist divided her hair into two horizontal sections in back, then loosely twisted and coiled the ends into a loose, unfussy updo. I love this look and can't wait to try it myself. I would recommend trying Suave Professionals Maximum Hold Volumizing Spray to seal the deal. One great thing about Suave hairspray (I've been using it since this summer when I received a bag of Suave Professionals styling products to try) is that it isn't sticky- It holds your look in place without making your hair look lacquered. And that's extra important with this kind of updo.

Check back tomorrow for more trendy hairstyles you can achieve on your own!

Disclosure: Suave paid for this party and provided gift bags for all attendants.Thanks, Suave! We all had a fabulous time!

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