Of course, the real entertainment is found in the stars whose fashion choices... flopped.

Here are my picks for Golden Globes night's biggest losers...



Patricia Arquette proves home hair cuts are never a good idea.



I can only hope I look as good as Helen Mirren when I'm her age- and that my husband doesn't call to mind an off-duty Santa Claus.



And the award for Worst Fake Bake goes to..... Eva La Rue!


On Golden Globes night, the joke was finally, finally on Tina Fey. This dress appears to be made of old, shredded newspaper.


Tea Leoni shows us business up top, party on the bottom.


Mad Men's Morticia Jones.



Seriously? This photo doesn't even need a caption.



When Ruffles Attack.



When Ruffles Attack: The Sequel.


This bedspread, worn by Sofia Vergara, is available from Spiegel for only $79!



Gown by Ratatouille.


Jane Jetson called and wants her outfit back.

Every Granny in America watching the Golden Globes was just dying to tell Marion Cotillard, "Dear, your slip is showing."

Elizabeth Moss continued the half-dressed trend with her patented "Oopsie Strapz!"

And Jennifer Aniston rounded things out with a dress that showed a little too much leg and a very lopsided bosom.



Apparently, Mariah didn't get the memo that it's no longer fashionable for starlets to carry their puppies down the red carpet.





Sandra Bullock's dress was inspired by my 1985 Purple Paradise Barbie.


I always loved putting that dress on my Malibu Barbie, too.



Animal lover Drew Barrymore brought her two pet porcupines along for the ride.




That tattoo you got in a hole in the wall at three am on your 21st birthday doesn't seem like such a good idea anymore, does it, Elisabetta Canalis?



Shania Twain made a surprising appearance at the Globes, claiming to be Maria Menounos.




Actress Jayma Mays' dress was specially recycled for the Golden Globes from the set of Charlotte's Web.



Actress Lea Michele couldn't score extra tickets to the Golden Globes, so she hid her guests under her skirt.


Tell me what you thought of the Golden Globes- The good, the bad, and (especially!) the Ugly.


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