Style Do's and Don'ts From Our Friendly Celebrities!


Do take a lesson from Mary Kate (for once!) and balance out your proportions. If you're wearing something loose fitting on top, break out a pencil skirt or skinny jeans and boots on bottom. Conversely, if you're wearing wide legged pants, opt for a fitted cardigan or blouse on top as opposed to a blazer or baggy jacket.



Don't make the mistake of buying into a trend if it's not flattering on you. I'm sure Rebecca Romijn simply thought, "Stripes! Hot!" when she chose this dress, but I'm left with, "Circus! Clown!", which is probably not what she'd intended.




Do limit the number of adventurous pieces you're wearing to one. While I personally wouldn't wear this outfit, Blake Lively's edgy cutout leggings work here only because everything else she's wearing is a basic. Follow this same rule when wearing a wild pattern or animal print. Keep everything else as simple as possible.




Don't pair opaque black tights with pastels, even if Anna Kendrick is doing it. The end result is freakish.


Do feel free to go bare legged whenever you like, even if it's a formal event- just like Vanessa Hudgens. But when you do, be sure and spray on some Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs on your legs. They will look FLAWLESS.


Don't fall victim to over-the-top distressed jeans, and if you must wear jeans with holes, at least put on a cute top rather than your dad's old t-shirt. Take off the boots, lose the bag, and Miley Cyrus would look like a house painter's assistant, ready to go to work.



Do keep it classic if you're in doubt about what to wear, like Felicity, I mean, Keri Russell. And you will never, ever go wrong.




Don't. Just don't. Not one single piece of this outfit works. And now my eyes are bleeding. Thank you, Jessica. You may put the boobs away now.


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