I Love


I can't stop thinking about this vintage party dress from the 50s, but at $350, there's a 0% chance I'll ever wear it. *sigh* Check out this Etsy seller's shop, Timeless Vixen Vintage, for similarly dreamy (and outrageously expensive!) dresses.

This gorgeous clip from Anthropologie works either in your hair or on your lapel. At just $18 and in five different colors, I'm in love.


I can't stop looking at this photo of Kate Beckinsale out shopping with her daughter. I love everything about her look, from head to toe. I think I've got versions of everything she's wearing, too. I wanted to replicate the look and started with the hairstyle the other day. My husband got home from work, took one look and said "Hey Bunhead." FAIL. But I still love this photo...



Every time I walk past the Kate Spade store here in Nashville, I look at the outfits on the mannequins and sigh. The Kate Spade look is so very Audrey Hepburn and I covet practically everything she makes... like this dress, a paltry $375 at Neiman Marcus.



Or this to-die-for trench coat, just $625 at Neiman Marcus... Oh hell, a girl can dream, right? And by the way, if anyone would like to donate their slightly used Kate Spade duds to a, um, worthy cause, please let me know!

Please share what you love or covet in the comments! Surely I'm not the only one with a fantasy wish list...


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