Review: Mom Jeans You Can Love? YES.

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When I was asked to try out a pair of jeans called Not Your Daughter's Jeans, I'll have to admit, I was skeptical. Because if they're not your daughter's jeans, that means they must be...


Mom Jeans.



But then I thought it would be sort of hilarious to try out mom jeans and walk around for a day with my pants pulled up to my ribcage. I went to the NYDJ website to choose a pair. Would they be stonewashed or baby blue? Would they have zippers on the sides? Would they be capris? French rolled? The possibilities were endless.


When I got there, though, I found jeans that looked sort of.... cool.

There were skinny leg jeans, bootcut, wide leg and flare jeans. There were black and gray jeans, faded jeans, deep indigo jeans, jeans with tiny, subtle rhinestone trim along the sides, which I really liked.

I started getting a little bit excited, particularly when I read that the jeans were all designed to lift and shape your beedonkadonk and hold in your... um.... pooch, making you look a size smaller.


Anyway, I chose a pair of jeans and when they arrived, I put them on right away. I don't know that I looked a size smaller, but...


I do know I loved the way they fit. They were incredibly flattering and fit me like an expensive pair of designer jeans.



And they didn't feel like Mom Jeans at all.



So here I am, eating crow and recommending Not Your Daughters Jeans. If you need something that's slimming and refined, well, these are your jeans. They're available at Nordstrom in every imaginable variation, from work trousers to walking shorts to cuffed boyfriend jeans. There's even a pencil skirt. This line has great investment pieces for your wardrobe and is a great way to stay stylish while reining in your problem areas.


And that's what I have to say about that.



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nonmember avatar ClassyFabSarah

I am not a mom but I have a pair of these jeans and they are amazing. Long and sleek and definitely NOT mom jeans!!

You look so skinny and long in the pair you picked!!

nonmember avatar MotherReader

I have to say that I'm amused at the fashion industry for pushing us out of our higher waisted jeans as being unstylish and then coming back a few years later to sell jeans that tuck in our waists.

nonmember avatar suburbanturmoil

I think NYDJ saw an opportunity here to offer something that women who aren't 21 and size zero might appreciate. :) I do love that all jean styles are in now, from bootcut to low rise to skinny jeans to high waisted for the brave few!

nonmember avatar twitter-6299756

How tall are you? You look a hundred feet tall in those mom jeans.

nonmember avatar suburbanturmoil

5'6". What a great slogan for NYDJ: "You'll look a hundred feet tall in them." LOL

nonmember avatar ClassyFabSarah

Heads up!! (which is a Zappos discount retailer if you didn't know...)
has ALL Not Your Daughter's Jeans for $49.99 today only!! Such a steal if you know your style and size... or you can order a few pairs because they have a fairly simple 30 day return policy!

Thought you and your readers might want a heads up.

nonmember avatar suburbanturmoil

Awesome! I'll make it the deal of the day! :)

nonmember avatar Stephanie

I have a pair of NYDJ black chords and I love them! They look fabulous on. I need to try the jeans and see which style I like as I always need a new pair of jeans.

nonmember avatar twitter-6299756

I cannot believe you are just 5'6 " ( although that is significantly taller than me...ugh) I might get myself a pair of those Mom jeans if they can make me look taller. I'll do anything, short of surgical leg lengthening. :)

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