Hair You Can Have: Michelle Trachtenberg

I really liked Michelle Trachtenberg's hair in this photo, so the other day, I decided to try my own version of her style. I typically don't do anything at all with my hair and have been needing a few new quick styling options. This one ended up being a big success as far as I was concerned.


Cute, right?

This is an awesome casual option that could work in the boardroom or at your child's next soccer practice. Here's how I did it:



First, I parted my hair down the middle in front and put on a headband like Michelle's. I took all my hair behind the headband and teased it a bit, just to give it a little volume and texture so that it would be easier to put up. Then I smoothed down the top with a boar bristle brush, twisted it into a loose knot, and speared it into place at the top of my head with a bun stick. After that, I loosened and pulled out a few strands here and there, so that the updo wouldn't look too severe. The whole thing took about five minutes.

I thought the headband was a little too busy with my outfit and earrings, so I took it off and honestly, I like the style even better this way. I never part my hair down the middle, so this was a huge departure for me, but it's amazing what a difference it makes. With or without the headband, this is a fun, easy hairdo that anyone with hair long enough to put in a high ponytail or bun can do themselves.

Go for it!

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