Deal of the Day: Metallic Reusable Totes

One of my favorite Christmas presents was one I picked out myself- a $10 metallic silver tote that I found at Curious Heart Emporium here in Nashville.

For me, it perfectly fits the bill as a diaper bag/tote when I take the kids somewhere. With all the sippy cup/juice box/snack action going on around here, I need a new tote every three or four months, and for that reason, spending even $30 on them seems high. At the same time, I want my bag to be at least somewhat stylish. My silver tote is the answer. At $10, I can get a new one whenever I need it.


I looked online for the bags I found here in Nashville and these were the closest options I came up with. They're a little higher than mine, but not by much- and they're fantastic, inexpensive, stylish options for your gym clothes, groceries, diapers and snacks, or anything else you can come up with!

The Tyvek bag pictured above is $20 and comes in gold and silver. I'm also loving the RuMe bags, which come in metallic shades and all kinds of other prints, colors, and sizes. Their metallic silver tote is $17.95.

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