Hot Trend: Red Lips

Red lips are a classic look that's really hot right now, but use caution- It's very easy to get your red all wrong and end up looking like a reject from cosmetology school. Case in point: Christina Aguilera.

Christina has been making the paparazzi circuit 24-7 lately, generally with her poor son in tow, and her garish look is driving me crazy. The has-been diva's perpetually red lips complete the clown effect she creates with way too much eye makeup, orange foundation, and platinum blonde hair. YUCK.


The basic rule with red lipstick is that if you're going to do it, tone everything else down. Go low key with your hair and eye makeup. And if you're a platinum blonde, just avoid the red lipstick altogether unless you just really want to be mistaken for a hooker.

Advertisement has lots of good advice on which reds will work with your hair color and skin tone. Here are a few examples they've given us of celebrities who've mastered the red lip look.

Leighton Meester




Cate Blanchett
(I love the sheer almost-red she's wearing- That's a great "real life" way to rock the look.)





All this talk about red lipstick and whether or not it's doable inspired me to try the look myself today. One thing that really helped was that I did my powder/concealer first, then blended some reds together on my lips until I had a color I liked, and saved my eyes for last, which kept me from going too far with them I took InStyle's tip and opted for glossy red since I had a matte face. My lips are a lot redder in real life than you can see in this photo, but I like the look, particularly as a night option. However, I don't think the red lipstick look would go over very well when I drop my daughter off at school in the mornings...


Edited to add...

My husband got home tonight and the first thing he said was, "Your lips look fantastic! Is that new lipstick?"


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