Good Leggings/ Bad Leggings

I love leggings, whether they're paired with a dress, a short skirt, a long coat, or a tunic. And I think leggings can work on a variety of body types. But leggings can be a mixed bag- worn right, you look long and lean. Worn wrong, you look like a hoochie. And even celebrities aren't immune from leggings disasters. Let's take a look at a few good leggings/bad leggings examples.

Here, Nicky Hilton is having a good leggings day. I would totally wear this outfit- black leggings and black boots topped off by an awesome leopard print coat. Most importantly, her coat covers her rear end. This is key with leggings, as you will see.


Reese Witherspoon looks absolutely fantastic here, with slouchy boots over her leggings and a sweater that's just baggy and long enough to adequately cover her hips. Love this outfit.

And now, we have leggings gone wrong.The coat's not bad, but everything else is horrendous. Halle Berry's leggings are faded and a bit see-through, and with her curvier figure, she should have worn a tunic or dress that was at least mid-thigh length. She looks like she's forgotten to put on bottoms.

In another bad leggings look, Nicky Hilton also seems half-dressed. A longer, looser tunic or button down shirt under that jacket or even a short black skirt over the leggings would have made this look work.

Diane Kruger does a good job with her leggings here, wearing them under a short skirt.

The leggings look even works on mothers-to-be. Here, Amy Adams's leggings and stylish boots keep her looking trim despite her pregnant tummy.

Here, Mariah displays my ultimate leggings pet peeve- wearing them like they're regular pants, without even attempting to cover your girl bits. This should NEVER, EVER be done, whether you're 13 or 30-something. Leggings inevitably give a woman camel toe, and no one needs to see that.

Case in point: Tiger Woods' mistress Rachel Uchitel, who takes her leggings disaster a step further. Good Lord, woman, it's freezing outside. Buy a jacket that covers your tummy. And put on a decent pair of pants.

But the biggest loser in the leggings war is Lindsay Lohan's little sister, Ali. Ali? Those aren't leggings. Those are TIGHTS. Have you completely lost your mind?

I think the lesson here is that women with longer, leaner legs can be a bit more daring with leggings as long as they wear a coat, sweater, or loose-fitting top that covers their hips. Curvier women look better wearing leggings with a dress or underneath a short skirt. I picked up this basic knit skirt from Forever 21 (only $6.80!!) just to make sure my leggings never end up making me look half-dressed.

That said, long live leggings!

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