Hair You Can Have: Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes's hair has had its ups and downs. At times, her ever-changing hair styles look downright frumpy and lately, she's been channeling Anna Wintour, which is always dangerous. But this look? I love. It's an easy cut to ask for at the salon and an easy style to maintain, as you'll see. And I can totally see it working on lots of women I know.

What I love about this haircut is that it works in a variety of situations. Here, it's tucked behind Katie's ears, allowing the focus to be on her face. For that kind of shine, I've found that applying a shine spray and then using a high-quality tourmaline straightener works wonders.



Here's the same cut, flipped out. Easy and cute! Spray Wax like this one can give your ends some definition.


For a casual day out, I love how she wore this scarf.


Here's the same scarf on a different day. I like the way she tousled her hair in the back. It's a stylish and super-easy look.



For a more sophisticated look, the hair comes out from behind the ears. Once again, glossing and straightening is key. A large-barrel curling iron is a perfect way to turn those ends under.



On a bad hair day, Katie can just throw on a hat.



And when she's feeling particularly bold, there's the slicked-down look. It's not something I'd personally try, but again! Options!

And now, here is our real life Katie Holmes, my friend and fellow Her Nashville writer Amanda O'Brien whose own hair closely approximates Katie's (and who's going to kill me when she sees this). Seriously, though, every time I see Amanda, she looks great and Katie's cut really makes me think of her own- even when she's simply sitting at home with her boys! In this video, you can see a final option for this cut...




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