Summer's Best Lip Balm: My Must-Have

Luxury Lip Smoother; Bambola Beauty
I get super chapped lips.

Whether it's in the winter due to cold and wind or the summer from the harsh rays, my pucker always seems to dry out.

It's probably because I definitely don't drink enough water to stay hydrated and get that glowing skin look. I wish I had the discipline.

Until then, my go-to lip moisturizer is the Luxury Lip Smoother from Bambola Beauty ($12.00).

I'm addicted to the stuff! It's all natural!

And here's why I'd sell my soul to the devil for a stick ...




Photo by Brianne DiSylvester
1. First off, it's super smooth. Just the feeling of putting it on makes my lips feel sexy.

2. It's not super thick but gives you just enough coating to feel it working.

3. It's not greasy so you can add lipstick over top of it for some color.

4. Women and men can use it -- without feeling girlie.

5. I can kiss my boyfriend without him freaking out about the transfer of sticky lip gloss.

6. Products are free of genetically modified organisms, parabens, and artificial colors.

7. Bambola uses fair-trade, sustainable, and pesticide-free growing practices and relies on natural ingredients.

8. Here's what makes the Lip Smoother so special:

Beeswax -- The lip smoother is made from beeswax, not cancer-causing petroleum like other lip moisturizers.

Apricot Oil -- High source of Vitamin A and helps reduce fine lines, reverses sun damage, repairs collagen.

Shea Butter -- Absorbs quickly and penetrates deep moisture, restores resiliency.

Wheat Germ Oil -- Nourishes and protects with Vitamin E, exceptional for the repair of dry or aging skin.

Quite simply, I think it's the best.

What's your favorite lip moisturizer?


Extra extra! In NYC? Visit Bambola Beauty's booth at the Upper East Side Street Fair to meet the mother/daughter founders, get samples, test products, and receive 20% off all products.

Bambola Beauty Booth, Upper East Side Street Fair, Sunday, June 6th, 79th St. and 3rd Ave., 11am - 6pm, MAP


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