A Smoky Eye Anyone Can Achieve

Smoky Eye
My Everyday Smoky Eye
I've gotten quite a lot of emails over the last few years asking me how I apply my eye makeup. And I've been meaning to write a how-to post on my time-tested smoky eye method, but it wasn't until my high school friend Christine sent me a message on Facebook over the weekend asking for smoky eye advice that I finally broke down and put this post together.


After all, Christine, as I reminded her in my response, once told me that she wasn't good at Algebra because ... she had put an emotional block on it.

This was a girl after my own heart.

I use that term TO THIS DAY. It is good for just about everything.

So for you, Christine (and for the rest of you too, of course ...):

My Everyday Smoky Eye.

Trust me. If I can do it, ANYONE can do it!

Smoky Eye, Step One
Step One


Step One: You know that cheap stick under-eye concealer you can find at the drugstore? I started using it on my eyelids (and on the outline of my lip too, where lipstick tends to feather).

Weird, but stay with me.




Smoky Eye, Step Two
Step Two

Step Two: I follow up the concealer with a little pressed powder. I like M.A.C. StudioFix ($26), but you know... whatever works for you. With this base, my eyeshadow/liner stays on all day long and my lipstick doesn't feather!




Smoky Eye, Step Three
Step Three
Step Three: I brush M.A.C. eyeshadow in Brun ($14.50) on my lids and in the crease. I love this eyeshadow because you can lay it on thick and dark for nighttime wear ...






Smoky Eye, Step Four
Step Four

Step Four: ... Or you can blend it to a lighter shade for daytime. I just use my finger.





Smoky Eye, Step Five
Step Five

Step Five: My eyeliner of choice is actually M.A.C eyeshadow in Carbon ($14.50), applied along my upper lashes...






Smoky Eye, Step Six
Step Five, Part Two


Notice that when I apply liner, I pull my lid taut. A friend showed me that years ago. At first, I worried that pulling on my lid each morning would give me wrinkles over time, but 10 years later, no crow's feet!





Smoky Eye, Step Seven
Step Six

Step Six: A few months ago, I started using Cover Girl LineExact liquid liner ($5.69) for the very first time. On its own, it was too stark, but I love using it over the black powder. The powder allows me to be less "exact," and the liquid line lasts. All. Day. Long. I follow up with a little more brown shadow over the line to blend it.





Smoky Eye, Step Seven
Step Seven

Step Seven:
I finish up with a little Maybelline Great Lash Mascara ($4.89) and I'm good to go! With a little practice, the whole thing takes about five minutes and the only touching up I do during the day is a little StudioFix on the shiny spots.




The Smoky Eye
The Smoky Eye for Dummies!



And there you have it! A smoky eye that anyone can have -- and one that will last and last and last.




What are your makeup application secrets? I'm always up for new tips!

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