Jennifer Lopez vs. Eva Longoria: Who Wore It Better?

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty














I'm jealous. I totally want to be able to wear a ball gown with a poufy, ruffley, feathered skirt for a glam event. Damn you celebs!

Maybe my desire comes from the fact that I skipped prom (I was too cool, obvi -- I wish) and haven't gotten married yet.

I'm not usually a puffy dress kind of gal, for example, but I'm loving these two dresses.

Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria both wore similar dresses at the Cannes Film Festival and looked gorgeous.

But I loved one just a little bit more ...


The total package goes to Eva Longoria. She looked flawless from head to toe, from hair to makeup.

Plus, the one-shoulder strap makes the dress a little more chic and little less princess-y.

But winner for the actual dress goes to Jennifer Lopez. I don't know exactly what's going on down there -- ruffles, feathers, both -- but I'm a fan.

I love the blush color and the fact that the pouf starts at her waist versus her hips like Eva -- that's one place I don't need to accent.

However, J.Lo needs to do something with her limp tresses and I'm not digging the dark blue eyes with that look ... blah!

Who do you think looked better?

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