Venus Williams' French Open Outfit -- Tennis Gets Lingerie Show


Venus Williams french open

Photo by Julian Finney/Getty

Venus Williams wowed the court at the French Open on Sunday and not just because she beat Patty Schnyder -- she wore a lingerie-inspired outfit that she says was all about "illusion."

Girl's got an amazing body, why not show it off?

But the outfit, a black lace with skin-tone underlay and red piping, got people talking (and writing) because as you can see in the photo, when the frilly skirt lifted, flesh-colored hot pants were underneath, making Venus look naked ... well almost.

I love that she dares to wear what some would call outrageous outfits when she plays. Why should ice skaters be the only athletes to have all the fun?

What do you think of Venus Williams' French Open outfit?




Do you think Venus' outfits are too risque on the court?

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kelli... kelli0585

I'm on the fence.  I think it takes attention away from the sport, and is a little risque for the younger, aspiring female players.

Then again, I guess she never claimed to be a role model to little girls.

lovin... lovinangels

It bothers me a bit. I'm having an internal family struggle tho about skirt length and tennis.  a relative is a tennis pro, and says that serious tennis players need to wear short skirts. My rule is the skirt has to come to the tips of her fingers when standing straight. The entire family keeps bombarding me with "compromises." like, if she gets really serious, she can wear something shorter. NO! NO! NO! NO!

i'll bet i get a phone call from that relative later today bringing up the outfit Venus (or Serena, which is it? the article starts with Venus and ends with Serena, lol)

madfoot madfoot

I don't care if it's short, but it's tacky. That's my objection. Barf.

Linds... LindsayFerrier

I agree with madfoot. It looks like something from a discount department store clearance rack.

nonmember avatar Rosie Campbell

I'm not too sure about that outfit.  All for having fun, but I also thought it looked cheap.

nonmember avatar Miss Kitty Plum

I love lingerie but think this may be a step to far in the underwear as outerwear trend.

Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

It's just wrong... I am all for players being allowed to wear something other than white - but this just isn't appropriate tennis-wear

RanaA... RanaAurora

I think she should have worn black underneath but other than that, I think it's fun.

fine1956 fine1956

Really??? it is required somewhere  we scream out sex, sex, sex, at every opportunity??? It detracts from the beauty of the sport and the athlete. Now we're talking about the clothes rather than the match, makes no sense at all.

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