Janet Jackson: High Style or Wardrobe Malfunction?

Janet Jackson
Photo by Splash News

Oh, Janet Jackson.

You were such an instrumental part of my adolescence. You taught me that nasty boys don't mean a thing, and that we were all part of a rhythm nation.

But my goodness, JJ, what is this fascination you have with playing the game of peek-a-boob?

This unbelievable photo, taken at a film premiere last week, confirms what we already suspected ...


Janet Jackson is obsessedesses with showing the world her breastesses.

The saddest part is that if she'd only worn a simple camisole beneath this dress (I'm thinking a Yummie Tummie tank could have worked wonders), she would have looked smashing.

But I'm sorry, Miss Jackson. I am for real. An industrial-strength brassiere underneath a sheer dress does not a fashion icon make.

Janet Jackson Superbowl
Flickr photo by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com

Nor did an exposed mammary at a Super Bowl halftime show. To be honest, though, it wasn't so much the boob in that infamous incident that shocked me -- it was the nipple jewelry.


Of course, Jan Jan is hardly the first celebrity to expose her bra for public consumption, and I doubt she'll be the last, but I'm personally horrified by this look. What about you?

Would you ever wear your bra as outerwear? What do you think of Janet's outfit?


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