When You're Too Old for Bebe, There's Always Caché

Caché top
Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson! (Cache.com, $88)
I have to admit, Caché's website always makes me giggle.

It's like taking a peek inside a Real Housewife's closet. Everything on the site is sexy, form-fitting, and slightly over the top.

Frankly, I've always thought of Caché as Bebe for the 30-and-up crowd.

And I think it should have been named something like Mrs. Robinson's Secret. Or Abercrombie & Richbitch. Or maybe Cougar Barn.

It makes me giggle. I warned you!

Don't write off this retailer entirely, though. Whenever I come across Caché in the mall, I head straight for its sale racks, which are often chock-full of deeply-discounted, well-made basics.

Caché's website has some cute things on it as well.

Check it ...


Cache Spring Outfit
Photo from Cache.com
I love this entire outfit (Cache jacket, $148, tank $68, pant $78), which is featured in the May catalog. It's so stylish and would be flattering on a range of figures.


Stripe and Ruffle Dress
Cache.com, $98
This Cache Stripe and Ruffle Dress ($98) would be perfect for a date night. It's sexy without being too revealing and I like the tummy-hiding ruffle down the front.


Cargo Pants
Cache.com, $88And I freely admit to loving these slim-fitting Cache Multi-Zip Crop Cargo Pants ($88). Price-wise, they're a little steep -- but maybe they'll show up on that sale rack in a few weeks ...


Hibiscus Jumpsuit
Cache.com, $238
Caché. It's not just for trophy wives ...

(Why I didn't go into advertising, I'll never know.)

So what do you think of Caché? Do you shop there? Would you?

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