Did you Get Your $1 Old Navy Flip Flops?

old navy flip flops
Photo from oldnavy.gap.com
Today is the day flip flop fans have been waiting for: the $1 Old Navy flip flop sale of 2010.

That's right for just $1 you can fetch as many as five pair of flips for you, your husband or your children.


Stores opened early at 7a.m., and we've heard reports of lines around the block at some locations.If you haven't hit the sale yet, you may want to head out now to see if there are any left.

I tried to shop online, but it looks like  you have to go out and actually battle the crowds to get the $1 deal. Though with many styles at two for $4, it may be worth it not to.

Did you score any $1 flip flops from Old Navy? If so, what were the crowds and selection like?

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