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Beach Wedding
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The Stir reader Ginger writes:

I'm planning on getting married next summer at the beach and am looking for a casual dress to wear for the occasion. It's going to be very casual with about only 20 people in attendance. I love your sense of style and was hoping you could give me some options as to what to wear on my special day!

Oh Ginger, congratulations! You know I'm going to help you, girl! Here are a few ideas ...


First of all, you're getting married at the right time for a casual wedding, because more retailers than ever before are offering affordable wedding gowns to a public that's clearly tired of paying thousands of dollars for a nice dress that happens to be white. J.Crew has lots of affordable wedding dresses to choose from.

Casual Wedding Dress, $600
This J.Crew Silk Tricotine Allegra Gown ($600) is casual yet elegant and won't break the bank.


Casual Wedding Dress, $425
This J.Crew Silk Chiffon Taryn gown ($425) is an even nicer price -- and both dresses could be hemmed to a shorter length so that they wouldn't drag in the sand.


Casual Wedding Dress, $368A casual wedding also gives you the option of choosing a hip, vintage-style wedding dress, like this Lilly Pulitzer Shayna Dress ($368), which I've had my eye on for ages. It reminds me so much of something Twiggy would have worn ...


Casual Wedding Dress
Lilly Pulitzer, Del Mar Dress Solid, $228
Alternatively, you could opt for a simple and classic LWD, like this Lilly Pulitzer Del Mar Dress ($228). I love this option, and I also love the casual accessories that are paired with the dress in this photo., $428
This Evening Betsey Johnson Cut Out Embroidered Taffeta Slip Dress ($428) would be perfect for a beach wedding ...


Casual Wedding Dress, $129
Or you could opt for super-casual with this comfortable and flattering Chico's Summer Escape Helen Dress ($129).

I could go on forever, but you get the picture. With your beach wedding, I'd recommend wearing flat gold, silver, or crystal-embellished sandals.


Casual Wedding Shoes, $44.95
This diamond-studded Lava Women's Abigail Flat With T-Strap ($44.95) would be perfect.



Casual Wedding Shoes 

Nordstrom, $265And you know how much I love Kate Spade! This Kate Spade Bianca Sandal ($265, Nordstrom) may be pricey, but what the hey? It's your wedding!

With all the wind involved in a beach wedding, why not keep your jewelry very simple, skip the veil, and wear fresh flowers in a messy updo?

Congratulations again, Ginger! I just know you'll be a beautiful bride!

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