Carson Kressley Talks Fashion Trends, Sarah Jessica Parker, and More

Carson Kressley
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Let's face it, fashion can be intimidating. Most of us don't have time to read the latest issue of Vogue or have the money to stay up-to-date on trends. But that doesn't mean we don't want to look good

Fashion guru Carson Kressley, who I fell in love when he was on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, breaks it down for us, giving us highlights for summer trends, what basics we should all have, and more.


So, tell us, what are the hottest trends for this summer?

I think color is a big trend. It's summer, the temperature is hot, you want to wear fun, festive colors. Kind of a quirky, 1960s color palette of chartreuse yellowy-green and a pale violet-lavender are probably the biggest colors we're seeing. Coral is also big, and a lot of turquoise, especially in accessories.

Shorts were all over the runway. For a lot of women, shorts are hard to wear, but there's a silhouette out there for everyone whether it's fleece shorts or a longer Bermuda-type shorts, they're really cute. Pair them with a boyfriend blazer, which is still very trendy this year, in relaxed fabrics like linen or cotton.

What are some basics that every woman should have in her closet?

A great white blouse, a little black dress (or purple, or red ... whichever color looks fantastic on you), a pencil skirt, a great pair of jeans (once you find that one pair of jeans that really flatters your body, makes you feel sexy, stock up and get a couple of pairs), and a wrap dress. A pencil skirt is a great body piece. If you have a boyish figure, it'll give you some curves and if you're more curvy and have a little extra junk in the trunk, it's going to work with your body type, too. A wrap dress in a neutral color is really easy and wonderful is also wearable year-round ... in the spring pop a jacket over it and boots, in the summer wear jeweled sandals or flip-flops, in the fall pair it with a vest or a leather jacket, and in the winter you can rock it with leggings under it.

I love using accessories to create a whole new look, but is there a point when you can wear too many?

I don't necessarily agree with that whole Chanel motto, "Before you leave the house, take off one item." I'm like, "Just load it on!" I think that makes it look interesting and layered. Statement jewelry is really big for spring and summer, like two or three big cuffs, or a big necklace, I think a good rule for most people is to have one statement piece, either earrings, bracelet, or necklace.

When you make over women, what are some things that you keep in mind?

I think working with your body type and not fighting it is important. Everyone learns what's good on them through trial-and-error. Stick to those silhouettes that look good on your shape.

Be daring and try new colors. A lot of women think when I make them over, "Oh, I can't wear orange" or "Oh, I never wear purple."  Give it a try. A lot of women are told things when they're 15 like, "oh if you're blond you can't wear red." Give it a whirl. A lot of times you'll be amazed. If you bring it home and it just ends up being a mistake, you can always take it back if it doesn't work.

A lot of new moms are reluctant to buy new outfits because they want their old body back, which is great, but don't mourn your old body. Embrace the body that you have now, work with it, feel confident. Women have closets full of skinny jeans and fat jeans and everything in between. Clear out your closet and have sizes in there that work for your body right now. Your body changes, that's great, but why have items in there that aren't going to create success from the moment you get out of bed?

What is the biggest fashion faux pas that you see women make?

Not wearing clothes that fit. You can take an inexpensive blouse and give it a little bit of tailoring and it can go a long way. That's a fashion secret that men actually know, that a little bit of tailoring can make something look amazing.

Where do you get inspiration for your personal style?

I try to stay on top of things. I read a lot of fashion magazines and I shop a lot of the stores. I don't necessarily buy stuff, but just seeing what's out there. I like going to a funky neighborhood and people-watching to see what the "cool" people are wearing.

Who's your favorite fashion-forward celebrity?

Sarah Jessica Parker. She's one celebrity that doesn't ever play it safe and doesn't ever worry what other people think. She has an eye for very beautiful, unusual, gorgeous clothes and it really works for her. That's what more women should aspire to be like, to just enjoy it like she does. Of course, the million dollars doesn't hurt either.

What are your favorite fashion trends for this season?

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