What to Wear to a Graduation Ceremony

graduation outfit
Photo from Polyvore.com
It's that time of year ... graduation. Another set of minds being released into the real world. It's a reason to celebrate, and a lot of people don't realize that a graduation ceremony calls for dressing up (my father would be one of those people, who, as much as my mother begged and pleaded, still wore a Harley Davidson shirt and jeans to my high school graduation. Sigh). You don't have to get fully decked out, but some effort should be put forth for this momentous occasion.


You can't go wrong with a pretty floral spring dress, like this one from Forever 21, but you have to keep the natural elements in mind: Is it outdoors or indoors? If indoors, is it air conditioned? If outdoors, how's the weather? You'll want to dress accordingly.

Carry a matching cardigan with you, just in case. This one from Yes Style has pretty bows on it to keep it from looking too grandmother-ish. The area that the ceremony is being held in may have a tendency to normally be cold, but once you cram thousands of people in it, it might get a little toasty. On the other hand, they may crank up the air way up to combat that issue. Best to just be prepared for all temperatures.

You usually have to climb bleachers or stairs at a graduation ceremony. Heels, stairs and clumsy people aren't a good combo, so, if you're anything like me, you'd be wise to wear flats, like these sweet open-toed ones from Lori's Shoes. Plus, if it's really crowded, you may end up having to stand, and who wants to stand in heels? Ouch.

Finish the look off with your favorite jewelry, like a set of pearl earrings, and a chic clutch.

Are you attending any graduation ceremonies this year? What are you wearing?


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