Daily Desire: Retro Suitcase

Photo from Etsy.com; $90
I still remember that bright red three-piece suitcase set that my mom had when I was growing up. Straight out of 1975. When she suggested that I use it to transport my belongings to college, I stared at her, horrified that she'd even suggest that I use those old things. But now, as an adult, I've come to love retro/vintage items.

There's just something so elegant about those old Samsonite suitcases and the women that carried them.


Sure, they may not be the most convenient way to lug your belongings (modern times were right to add wheels to suitcases), but since when have we never sacrificed comfort for style?

Maybe not the whole set, but the little one is just the right size for a long weekend at the beach, and since retro swimsuits are so hot this season, it'd feel like you were transported back to another, simpler era.

Do you like vintage suitcases? What do you travel with?

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