Natural Beauty Products in Your Kitchen

natural beauty products strawberries
Flickr photo by *clarity*
Ever since I discovered the toxins in, well, almost all of my beauty products, I've been on the hunt for natural beauty alternatives. The problem is when I'm at the drugstore and need a moisturizer, those brands aren't on the shelves in front of me.

Rather than buying and returning beauty products (which you can't do everywhere, anyway) I'm going to try some of these 100 percent natural beauty products and tricks recommended by The Beauty Biz. I know I can find most of them in the produce section, and for cheap.


This list is composed entirely of fruits, vegetables, condiments, and the occasional beverage. There are no hidden ingredients, no preservatives, and nothing to fear. Combining honey and yogurt might make me hungry, but I still want to see how it can make my face glow. Best of all, I'll never overpay for a lackluster face mask or scrub again.

My favorite beauty tip -- olive oil in post-shower hair. I usually have a gallon of that sitting around and I know exactly what's in it. Get ready for the shine!

Do you have any natural beauty tricks?

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