Victoria Beckham vs. Heidi Klum: Are Bobs Back?

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Now that summer is just around the corner, it seems like everyone is going for a bob hairstyle.

Heidi Klum cut off her bust-length locks for a chopped look, and Posh is letting her pixie cut grow into funky bob.

So it got me thinking ... are bobs back?


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Perhaps they never really went away. It's a classic, no-fuss look, after all.

I had short hair (pixie to bob) all throughout high school until around 24. I played with different lengths and loved when it was a longer bob. I'd curl it to give it volume and long for the look and feel again.

But everyone tells me not to cut my hair. When I see celebs with cute shorter 'dos -- I want to take the plunge.

Anyway, back to Heidi and Posh. Heidi's bob is a little too chopped for me. Don't get me wrong, she still looks great -- she is Heidi Klum, after all. I think Posh looks great with a little length to her hair, especially when it's messed up a bit ... it softens her features just enough.

PS: Can we just take a minute to acknowledge Jessica Stroup's hot new boy cut? LOVE!

Whose bob do you like the best?

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